A community-based supermarket in Amami Oshima that offers everything from groceries to daily necessities

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Green store discerning service


"Your shop in your city"

I want everyone in the community to be happy. For that reason, we want to provide fresh, safe and secure products that are not readily available on the island. That feeling is put into the motto "Your shop in your city". It is not only the products, but also the "feelings" of all the staff who are familiar with the sales floor. I want to walk with the local people. That is the wish of our Green Store.

Green store discerning service

The only store on the island that handles tuna.

In addition to over-the-counter sales where you want to taste delicious freshly caught bluefin tuna, we also accept delivery as a gift. We also accept "tuna dismantling shows at ceremonial occasions, corporate commemorative projects, events, etc."

Homemade bread baked in the store using electronic water.

We want to deliver really delicious and healthy bread to our customers, so we are particular about the "water" used for cooking. Bread made using electronic water is very popular because the taste of the ingredients is lively and you can enjoy the original taste of bread so that you will want to bring it to your mouth more and more.

Rich in the blessings of nature. Seasonal island fruits will keep your body and soul healthy.

We handle seasonal Amami-specific and specialty fruits such as tankan, plums, passion fruit, and mango. Be sure to try the island fruits that have grown in Amami's wilderness. Please check the seasonal fruits of the year from the calendar below. * It may be available at other times.

Island fruit calendar
January February March
Amami Tankan Amami Tankan
Amami loquat
April May June
Kikaijima tomato Kikaijima tomato
Amami plums
Kikaijima tomato,Amami plums,Amami passion fruit,Island banana
July August September
Kikaijima tomato,Amami passion fruit,Island banana Kikaijima tomato,Amami Mango,Amami GuavaIsland banana Kikaijima tomato
Island banana
October November December
Kikaijima tomato
Island banana
Keraji mandarin orange Kikaijima Melon

A regular dealer of Seijo Ishii products.

We have set up a Seijo Ishii corner because we want you to pick up and taste first-class items in Amami. Seijo Ishii The product lineup is Shimauchi.