A community-based supermarket in Amami Oshima that offers everything from groceries to daily necessities

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2020.10.5 GoTo Travel Regional Tickets can be used at all Green Stores.
2020.9.3 Mina points will be given by using Amami Card!
2020.4.15 ○Suehiro store
From Sunday, May 3rd, the store will open on Sundays as usual.
2019.11.18 Amami card member store page released
2019.9.13 On September 30th, the Irifune store will change the system due to the introduction of the consumption tax reduction tax rate.23:00 pmWe will close the store. (The other 4 stores are normally open)
October 1stAll stores at 10 amWe will open it in.
It will be open normally from the 2nd. Thank you for your understanding.
2019.7.4 Staff recruitment!
2019.3.18 Tokushimaru No. 2 has opened.
2019.2.6 An annex for tobacco, liquor, and imported sweets has opened in the Nagahama store.
2018.4.6 You can now order Kindai tuna from the shop page.
2017.9.13 Winter business hours will begin on October 1st.

"Your shop in your city"

I want everyone in the community to be happy. For that reason, we want to provide fresh, safe and secure products that are not readily available on the island. That feeling is put into the motto "Your shop in your city". It is not only the products, but also the "feelings" of all the staff who are familiar with the sales floor. I want to walk with the local people. That is the wish of our Green Store.