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Information security policy

It is important for Green Store Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") to implement appropriate safety measures for the company's information assets in order to continuously and stably carry out businesses such as issuing prepaid payment methods. Recognizing that it is necessary to properly manage system risk in order to protect the interests of prepaid payment method users, we will manage information in accordance with the following policy.
We will take necessary measures to minimize the damage caused by threats to information assets (malfunction, disaster, mishandling, unauthorized use, destruction, theft, leakage, etc.).
We will endeavor to manage information security by establishing and operating rules regarding security measures for information systems.
We will establish a system risk management system by clarifying the person in charge of system management and the person in charge of internal audit.
The Company imposes obligations on all officers and employees to comply with the rules regarding information security, and sets penalties for violating the rules. In addition, we will thoroughly disseminate safety measures by conducting training.
When outsourcing operations, we will select a person who has the ability to properly and reliably carry out the outsourced operations, conclude a contract that obliges us to meet security requirements, and manage the outsourcee such as supervising the implementation status of safety measures. to hold.
The Company and all officers and employees will comply with and comply with the laws and regulations related to information assets used in the performance of their duties.